Who does this thing? Eve Tushnet. I wrote Gay and Catholic (sequel forthcoming Fall 2K21! Gayer and even more Catholic!), plus two novels, Amends and Punishment: A Love Story. I also edited the anthology Christ’s Body, Christ’s Wounds: Staying Catholic When You’ve Been Hurt in the Church. I blog chez Patheos.

What is it about? Things I think are interesting but where my thoughts are not entirely… what’s the word… coherent. Short book notes, maybe a playlist or a drinking game if I feel fancy. I write a lot about saints, humiliation, queer culture, the ‘80s and ‘90s, alcoholism/recovery, and children’s books.

How often and also do I have to pay? I’m aiming for monthly, and not unless you want to. I like money and it motivates me, so I’ve suggested you kick in like $2/month, but I also like talking to people who have bills to pay, so you should never feel weird about signing up for free.

What actually is a Rogation Dragon? Big dancing dragon that led penitential parades in medieval France and France-adjacent places. You could call it pet names and throw pastries in its mouth! But also it was Satan, probably, so it’s good that it got defeated on the third day of the penitential festival.

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Modern Humiliation Monthly (book notes and short posts from the author of Gay & Catholic and Punishment: A Love Story)


Eve Tushnet

Gayer than the Pope... more Catholic than a picnic basket. I hope they let me change this bio later.